Online Speech Language Pathology Programs

Online SLP Programs

School Level Program Admissions
Emerson College Master MS in Speech-Language Pathology
CAA-ASHA Accredited

Students that have chosen the online speech pathology program take 100% online courses related to speech disorders, the implementation of speech therapies, and the laws and policies surrounding service in this field. Benefits associated with online degree programs may include greater flexibility, customizable learning programs, and lowered costs of higher education.

Online programs are offered at all degree levels, but the top online degree is the online Master of Speech Language Pathology.

If you would like to learn more about what online degree programs look like at each available degree level, read more in our guide below. Different universities all across the country are now offering reliable and accredited online SLP degree programs for you to consider.

School Level Program Admissions
Emerson College Master MS in Speech-Language Pathology
CAA-ASHA Accredited
Lindenwood University Master MA Early Intervention in Autism & Sensory Impairments
Focus area: deaf/hearing impairment
Our Lady of the Lake University Master Master of Arts - Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
Aurora University Bachelor Bachelor of Social Work
St. John's University Doctor Online Ph.D. in Literacy

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What are Online Speech Pathology Programs?

In higher education, institutions are constantly seeking ways to draw in more students to innovative degree programs. In the most recent years, colleges all over the country have found unique ways to make gaining a higher degree even more convenient for students within very specific convenience needs.

Online degree programs are those that require students to attend their courses via the internet. Most schools have their own websites that include a link to the online classroom, which can look different depending on the type of degree program you are enrolled in.

Advantages of Pursuing a Degree Online

If you work a full-time job or spend most of your day caring for a family, the last thing that you could add to your agenda is another daily responsibility.

  • Online degree programs were developed in an effort to give everyone a shot a higher education, even when there is little time left in the day for classes and learning.
  • Online degree programs can allow students the flexibility of learning at times that are convenient for them, such as during the early morning hours, breaks during the day, or even at night. Online programs often require that students log in 2-3 times a week to engage in discussions or assignments for the week.
  • When you enroll in an online degree program, you can potentially reduce the costs of your educational program simply be nullifying the need for travel or living expenses associated with higher learning. Some students in traditional degree programs may spend thousands per year in on-campus housing, travel, and the costs of food.

Online vs. Traditional Speech Pathology Programs

A lot of students considering a transition to online degree programs may seek to explore the benefits of choosing the online route to future success. In some cases, students without any experience in online education may hesitate to take this route on their path to licensure or higher tier positions in their field.

In this day and age, students can find more convenient methods for achieving a degree that can assist them with obtaining better careers. Online degree programs can allow students to work around their career, rather than trying to find a career that works around their daily school schedule.

Online degree programs also contain the same type of accreditation as traditional learning programs, which is extremely important for speech pathology students interested in becoming licensed through their degree program. Students that lack the free time to engage in full-time campus programs may also find the capability to enroll full-time with the flexibility offered through online programs.

Finally, the costs of traditional degree programs can add up when housing, food, and transportation are added into the equation. Attending classes from your own home immediately alleviates these added costs, which can assist you in saving money in the long run. If you are considering a transition into higher education programs, but lack the flexibility to consider traditional programs, online programs may be exactly what you are looking for.


The Bachelors in SLP degree is a entry-level degree program that all speech pathologists must pass through on their path to licensure. Bachelors programs take around 4 years to complete and are offered in the online learning environment.

As a student in an online program, you might be required to take courses related to general education and speech pathology all in the online environment. Common courses found in online bachelors programs include those focusing on college level Algebra, Social Sciences, and Biology.

Learning in the online environment can include both synchronous and asynchronous courses. Synchronous courses may require that you log in at certain times of the week in order to view live lectures or meetings with your instructor. Asynchronous courses often list your course expectations from the very first day of course, as well as future due dates for you to work around during the duration of your course.


Since the Master’s degree is the minimum requirement for licensure in the field of speech pathology, a lot of your specific learning about practice in the field happens at this level. Online degree programs at the master’s level may also include a practical component that requires you to spend some time working in a face-to-face and supervised environment.

One online Master’s of Speech Pathology degree program requires that students complete 2 years of higher learning in this field in order to graduate. Part of the overall requirements of this program include 2 separate semesters of practical experience at an agency that provides speech services to the public.

The online master’s in this field can be a critical component in whether or not you can become licensed in this field. An added benefit of online programs in this field is that they can also hold the same type of accreditation as their traditional counterpart. CAA-accredited online master’s programs can provide you with a high quality level of education that can assist you on your path to licensure.


The purpose of online degree programs in speech pathology is to provide learners with the opportunity for advanced learning, regardless of their current responsibilities. Students that are entering doctoral level SLP programs are often those that have current positions in the field and are seeking further learning for better opportunities in speech pathology.

During an online Doctorate in Speech Pathology program, students might spend some time analyzing the policies and development standards common within their field of practice. This might include an exploration of barriers to policy evaluation, as well as independent research projects focusing on policy improvement.

While enrolled in the online version of this program, students might be expected to log in a few times each week to engage in discussions with other learners, gather information about the week’s assignments, and even complete any required assignments. Some doctoral level courses may also include timed examinations relevant to leadership and practice in this field.