Doctorate of Speech Pathology Programs

Doctorate SLP Degree Programs

School Level Program Admissions
George Washington University Doctorate Online Doctor of Public Health
Earn your Doctor of Public Health online from the No. 12-ranked public health school in the U.S.
Arizona State University Doctorate Online Doctor of Behavioral Health – Management
Explores current issues in management and behavioral care in integrated primary care environments.
Notre Dame of Maryland University Doctor Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership for Changing Populations- Occupational Therapy
Online, multiple concentrations.
Utica University Doctorate Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) Online
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Doctoral level degree programs can be a great way for current professionals to engage in further learning in their field, as well as learn different types of management techniques that are applicable to their specialty area within speech pathology. These programs often attract individuals seeking higher level positions in their field, as well as those that wish to make a bigger contribution to research and development in speech pathology.

Within the Doctorate of Speech Pathology program, you can learn more about what it takes to develop research programs, effective leadership, and even advanced practice with clients in need. Each of these individual topics can help to increase your utility as a professional and open up more doors for you during the life of your career.

Many speech pathology programs currently open for enrollment across the U.S. may offer students the opportunity to engage in learning in-person or via the internet. This type of flexibility can make it possible for students with varying needs to enjoy the training offered in Doctoral Speech Pathology programs, which can increase the overall quality of the workforce as it stands. There are not very many doctorate programs that are available in an online format. See more online speech pathology degrees if you are looking for a distance learning option.

If you are a current speech language pathologist looking for new ways to gain higher tier positions in the field, a Doctorate in Speech Pathology could be exactly what you are looking for. If you are a new prospect to the field of speech pathology, you can read more in this guide about how pursuing a higher level degree program can benefit you in this professional field.

School Program Admissions
George Washington University Online Doctor of Public Health
Arizona State University Online Doctor of Behavioral Health – Management
Notre Dame of Maryland University Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership for Changing Populations- Occupational Therapy
Utica University Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) Online
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Why Consider a Doctorate SLP Program?

As a doctoral level learner, you can indulge in training that can sharpen your skills as a leader in your field. In some programs, students may take courses related to finance, personnel management, and speech pathology ethical considerations throughout the duration of the program.

In addition to leadership topics, students in the Doctorate of Speech Pathology program can also explore techniques for advanced practice within their field. Working with complex disorders or extremely unique communication delays may require extensive knowledge of even the rarest treatments. Doctoral learners are often given more training into different levels of treatment that could be beneficial in the field.

Many different doctoral level programs consist of elements that contribute to relevant and valid research. In this program you can learn more about what goes into planning and approving a research project, as well as the many steps that you need to take in order to verify your results as accurate. Research standards and ethics may also be a large portion of this process.

Length of a Doctoral Program in Speech Pathology

The length of time that you spend in the online Doctorate of Speech Pathology program can depend specifically on your educational history. Your current level of degree can directly affect the amount of time it can take you to graduate at this level.

Many master's degree holders may look to doctoral programs as a means for obtaining management careers or higher level positions in their current organization. If you currently hold a master's degree in this field, you could potentially complete the doctoral program within 2-3 years at a full-time enrollment rate.

Students that are transitioning from undergraduate degree programs can expect to spend anywhere from 4-6 years working towards their doctorate. Since the licensing standards focus specifically on the master's level, you should consider obtaining your master's prior to enrolling in the doctorate program.

Example Courses

At the doctoral level, you might see more courses that cater to the needs of leadership professionals within this field. This can include courses that investigate the development and implementation of speech pathology policies, management of teams in the professional environment, and internal motivation for organizational success.

We spent some time researching Doctorate of Speech Pathology programs all over the U.S. In the section below, you can view a few of the courses that were commonly found within these online degree programs.

  • Organizational Behavior for the SLP: Students within this course can take on an in-depth perspective of speech pathology organizations such as healthcare, schools, clinics, and research facilities. The purpose of this course is to explore factors such as human behavior and motivation, incentives, and team work for client success. Part of this course’s requirement may include developing performance improvement programs for mock facilities.
  • Leadership for SLPs: This course can include a look into the different concepts of leaderships in the field of speech pathology. Students may explore policies related specifically to this type of treatment field, as well as leadership on a small and widespread lever. Concepts such as self-assessment and individual growth programs may also be a portion of this course.
  • Policy in Health and Education: Speech pathology provides services that can be beneficial in fields of health and education. Students in this course can explore the policies that interrelate with services in these fields, as well as a general delve into general treatment policies. Policy development and the role of the speech pathologist within this process may also be explore by students in this course.

Career outlook for those with a terminal doctoral or PhD degree

If you are already a licensed speech pathologists working towards this higher degree, you might be considering management positions within your current organization after graduation. Many companies that enlist speech pathologists may seek out doctoral level professionals to fill their management positions, since this degree program focuses more on the leadership aspects of this field.

Having this higher level of degree can set you apart from others at the master’s level. Some career options in research could be great options for you to consider, since research is so important to further development in any field. Research organizations can be found at the private level, through state government, or even with nonprofit agencies.

Another intriguing option to consider career-wise is within the field of higher education. Doctoral degree holders in speech pathology can work for universities as instructors for upcoming speech pathology students. College instructors can influence the field of speech pathology by training the next generations of professionals responsible for assisting clients with improving their communication disorders.