Alabama Speech Pathology Degrees

Alabama Speech Pathology Degree Programs

There are 10 ASHA accredited speech language pathology programs in Alabama: 7 Masters and 3 Doctorate.

Treatment of speech disorders requires intense training and licensing in Alabama. Licensing requires approval from Alabama's Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Learners take the first step towards this field through bachelor's programs. Beginner programs include a basic outline of speech development. Students also gain a gradual understanding of common language disorders.

This field requires completion of bachelor's and master's degrees before licensing. The state of Alabama has degree programs at both levels for you to consider.

School Level Program Admissions
East Central University Bachelor BA Human services Counseling - Services to Deaf concentration Website
Saint Joseph's University Bachelor BLS in General Studies - Autism Studies Track Website
George Washington University Doctorate Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Website
Emerson College Master MS in Communication Disorders Website
Lindenwood University Master MA Early Intervention in Autism & Sensory Impairments Website

Who Is This Degree Program For?

Speech Pathology programs often attract creative and motivated learners. The process of assessing the needs of clients requires in-depth critical thinking skills.

Students learn different competencies including the analysis of the English language. Individuals skilled in Spelling and Grammar may excel in these areas.

Your application of science and biology increases your quality of work in this role. Speech Pathology includes the implementation of different sciences involved in communication.

Speech Pathology also includes the study of Audiology, Psychology, and Physiology. You interests or experience in these subject areas are beneficial along the way.

Your great communication skills also make you a great fit for this field. These skills give a head-start to learners enrolled in Speech Pathology programs. Talented communicators often use their abilities within their career role.

Bachelors in Speech Pathology

The Bachelor's in Speech Pathology is the first step towards pursuing a career in this field. This program lasts 4 years at most universities. You can learn more about communication science through participation in this program.

Learners begin with general education courses in the first year. Courses provide practice in English, Science, and Mathematics.

Classes in the later years of your program integrate subjects in communication. Students learn more about language disorders and their origination.

Bachelor's programs also provide students with an outline of communication across the lifespan. Students explore age-related speech development as a primary element. Abnormal communication disorders are also reviewed.

Undergraduate programs in Speech Pathology also target biology for enrolled learners. Programs teach human anatomy for in-depth understanding of its influence on Speech Pathology.

Alabama offers several degree options for incoming learners. Read more about programs and course work in the next sections.

Example Courses

  • Introduction to Phonetics: This course teaches entry level phonetics. Topics include transcription, phonology, and speech disorders.
  • Principles of Audiology: This class outlines hearing disorders and their effect on speech. You also learn more about basic clinical tests used in this field.
  • Clinical Treatment of Communication Disorders: Students can learn to plan speech interventions. This course also outlines observation techniques.

Available Programs

  • The University of Alabama - Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Disorders
  • The University of Montevallo - Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology
  • Alabama A&M University - Bachelor of Science in Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Master's in Speech Pathology

The Master's in Speech Pathology trains upcoming Speech Language Pathologists using advanced coursework. This degree program lasts 2 years at most universities. You can take part in both academic and clinical experiences at this level.

The later years of your program can include on-site clinical experiences. These increase your skills in practice for later use.

Universities often provide clinical experience options for in-person students. You should review your university's options before applying.

Some institutions allow students to locate their own field placement. This provides learners with the option to gain experience in their own communities.

This program tests your critical thinking skills and patient care standards. You can also learn more about diagnosing common communication disorders. Clinical interventions are also discussed in depth.

Example Courses

  • Speech and Sound Disorders - Students learn current theoretical models of speech development. Student apply these theories to the treatment of speech and sound disorders.
  • Language Sampling Analysis - This course teaches the analysis of language samples. Students learn to transcribe language samples for speech assessments.
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis in Speech Pathology - This class instructs learners on diagnosis. Student learn to use research in client evaluation. Implications of diagnostics are also discussed.

Available Programs

  • The University of South Alabama - Master's in Speech-Language Pathology
  • The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - Master's in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Alabama A&M University - Master's in Speech-Language Pathology

Doctoral Options

Doctoral programs in Speech Pathology are available to Alabama residents. This is the highest level of degree for professionals in this career field. The doctorate requires around 4 years of course work for graduation.

The University South Alabama offers a Ph.D. in Communication Science and Disorders. This program includes advanced course work in theory and research.

You also engage in a dissertation in the final year of your program. Learners looking for careers in education and research often choose Ph.D. options.

Another provider of doctoral options is Peterson University in Mobile, Alabama. The Ph.D. found at this school provides a unique take on advanced practice for your future career.

Path to Licensing

Speech pathologists in Alabama should hold a state license before working with clients. The process to earn a license involves the completion of milestones before approval.

The first milestone is completing an accredited Master’s in Speech Pathology program. ASHA’s Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology accredits master’s programs.

Accredited programs contain the required courses and experience requirements for later practice. This degree program prepares you for later practice in your supervised experience component.

Required professional experience post-master’s includes participation in a 9-month field practice. This must take place under the direct supervision of a licensed speech pathologist.

Alabama requires participants to complete this experience within 36 months of its onset. Your state licensing office requires documentation of your experience before moving forward.

The next step towards achieving your license is board testing. The Speech-Language Pathology Exam is mandatory for all license prospects.

Passing this exam requires a score of at least 162. You should submit scores to your state licensing office to complete this step.

You can now submit your application for licensure to the state board. This includes submitting all transcripts from attended universities.

Clinical experience documentation is also reviewed at this stage. Approval of your licensure is then finalized, allowing you to begin your career.

Career Options

Education in speech and communication disorders prepares you for diverse career options. The most common career opportunity involves direct speech therapy in a clinical setting.

Learners are not bound to speech therapy as their only career option. Speech Pathology professionals also enjoy working in fields such as education.

Speech pathologists in education help create educational plans for students in need. They also provide speech services in the school system as part of their role.

Speech is also an important consideration for executives in the business environment. Corporate communication coaching is a growing field for graduates in Speech Pathology.

This field involves accent and dialect coaching for individuals seeking a professional relationship with clients. Focuses include clear communication and social skill integration.

Alternative career options in rehabilitative care and in-home therapy are also available. You can choose options that align with your career goals.

List of Speech Pathology Programs in Alabama

ASHA Accredited Alabama SLP Programs

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the premier programmatic accrediting board for Speech Pathology programs. Below is a list of ASHA accredited speech pathology and audiology programs in Alabama.

All Speech Pathology Programs in Alabama

Alabama A&M University
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)
location_city Normal
Auburn University
Doctorate in Audiology (AuD)
location_city Auburn
Auburn University
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS, MCD)
location_city Auburn
Faulkner University
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology
location_city Montgomery
Samford University
Doctorate in Audiology
location_city Birmingham
Samford University
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)
location_city Birmingham
University of Alabama
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)
location_city Tuscaloosa
University of Montevallo
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)
location_city Montevallo
University of South Alabama
Doctorate in Audiology (AuD)
location_city Mobile
University of South Alabama
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)
location_city Mobile